This Purim...
Drink In The Essence!
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   What is the reason we become intoxicated (with joy and drink) on Purim, and why will this holiday, which seems less sacred than the major Jewish holidays, survive for all time when most others will cease to be?
  In this classic maamar, Chayav Inash Livsumei--here adapted into clearly explained English for the first time anywhere, and presented in a flowing, readable style--the Alter Rebbe answers these questions by exploring the
Jewish nation’s deep bond of commitment to G-d, reaffirmed on Purim, and how its communal willingness to undergo Bittul (self-nullification) even in the face of potential annihilation elicited a Divine response in kind.
   This is the famous discourse referred to by the Tzemach Tzedek as simply “the Purim discourse,” because it captures the essential theme of Purim.

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